Hi there! First of all, I'd like to say thank you for taking the time to visit my developing portfolio/blog website.

I am Jeremiah Onor - Rojer for short, a growing designer-artist who is passionate about connecting with people. Currently, I am working as a full-time Digital Marketing Specialist for a Silicon Valley tech startup with an office here in the Philippines. I graduated with a degree on communication and media at the University of the Philippines and am looking into taking up a masters degree specifically on designing for tech someday soon.

My experiences are diversely ranged from paid digital advertising to motion design, which allowed me to explore various design concepts and processes. As a "Jack of All Trades", I am geared towards achieving my current goal  in widening my knowledge on all sorts of design strategies and take on creative directing in the future. 


As I was planning my website, I really wanted to give it a personality which would reflect my character. I thought about many ways on how I would do this and it was very difficult to decide especially when new ideas appear here and there. That was until one day as I was playing Pokemon Shield on my Nintendo Switch at a local coffee shop, I decided to dedicate my personal website to a Pokemon I realize I could very much relate to: Rotom.


Rotom, the Plasma Pokemon, is a dual-type Electric/Ghost Pokemon according to its Pokedex data entry. He is well known as a very adaptive Pokemon who has the ability to possess electronic devices and adapt its type and move set to the device's function. With that in mind, I jokingly thought - wait, I could do that!


It is because of such behavior that I see myself similar to Rotom - adaptive and diverse. My skills are not tight to just one area, which gives me the advantage to explore different effective strategies in creative production. With that in mind, I thought about creating a website dedicated to Rotom's ability to personify an elegantly-made "Zaps" creative space. 


Feel free to browse my developing portfolio or contact me for anything