Hi, there! Once again, I am Jeremiah - an all-around creative guy from the Philippines. I grew up exploring art and design wherein I expose myself to different media as means of enhancing my craft. Now I am mostly focusing my creative energy to doing research and strategizing for human-computer-centric design

I love cartoons, especially Pokémon! Cartoons and animation will always have a special place in my heart. If I'm not out there working or engaging with people, you can find me relaxing in a coffee shop either playing video games or drawing. These hobbies allow me to clear my thoughts but at the same time exercises my brain (yes, I firmly believe that it's a thing!). 

As much as I'd want to put serious stuff here like maybe how my professional experience revolve mostly around digital marketing campaigns, user experience research, content management, freelance and community work, and teaching art to kids, that would be too serious and off-brand for this section (you can check out all the serious stuff in the portfolios page if you want). So I guess what's left to say is that I love cheese. Cheesy chicken. Cheesy pizza. Cheesy pasta. Cheese. Period